Sunday, July 14, 2013

No cop job..

That's about the only positive thing about the Zimmerman fiasco.

I watched as much of the televised coverage as I could for a reason far different than most other viewers I imagine. I watched to try to educate myself about what it is like to be a judge in such a case. The reason being, that I have a niece that is a judge and sometimes also must sit on one that is sensationalized.  I learned a lot about that, in fact more than I did about the case.

Some things I would like to know and may have missed:  who finally foots the defense bill, I recall before trial there was a kerfuffle about the ability of the Zimmerman's to afford their own attorney, and his wife was charged with falsely representing their state of finances and I don't know how that resolved. I expect the state is stuck with the expense.

The only positive outcome of this will be that he will never become a cop, I am sure his paranoid personality streak is very evident to those where he was applying, human resource personnel for those  types of positions, spot such negatives easily.

As to the verdict, not what I would have voted there is a killer at among many in our gun happy America. And an NRA distorted interpretation of the second amendment. 

Mr. Zimmerman had a trigger happy problem of long standing, and is the community board going to allow him to continue as self-appointed watch commando? I wonder about their liability. I live in an adult community, the second I have resided in for twenty-five years ......didn't hear anything about that either.


Monday, June 17, 2013


Here is what is needed-- Surveillance of the bureaucratic idiots in Human Resources/NSA that hired the apparently arrested development adolescent to be given the job Snowden was shoehorned into with no visible credentials.

I thought drop-outs couldn't find jobs, let alone ones purportedly paying six figures to start.

My dander is up. Makes me wonder if he has a well placed relative somewhere that slicked the way.

Anybody checking this out? Where are those investigative journalists.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Only in government---
now the investigation is being investigated.....this is in reference to the State Department, personally I think 90 per cent of the time all these investigations are just a bunch of tail chasing to avoid doing the work that should be attended to, especially in Congress.


Friday, June 7, 2013


This was a "running off at the mouth" contest and the winner is, drum roll please,  Representative ISSA. Now is anyone surprised.  Keep up the fine work Darrell, you are burying the Exteme Right Wing in a deep grave. But I am not going into mourning over that.


Friday, February 22, 2013

Not Qualified?

So Senator McCain doesn't think his former colleague is qualified to be Secretary of Defense....well, I happen to think that Senator Mc Cain isn't qualified to be a senator and he had lots of company. McCains' senility seems to be getting more serious every time he opens his mouth which is much too frequent. I lived in Arizona for twenty-two years until I relocated back to Oregon in 2009, so now I have a better senator .......but the country still has Mc Cain, and I wish all senators put the country ahead of their state which should be second priority. After all, their oath of office is to the Constitution. I think many times that is forgotten in Washington D.C. when the Congress is in session.


Thursday, February 14, 2013


At one point in the SOTU the cameras focused on Justice Ginsburg.......she is so frail and I think the focus maybe was to highlight the possibility that President Obama will be receiving her resignation before the second term ends, because of her being physically unable to continue. This possibility was one of the reasons his re-elections was so important and significant to the future of decisions by the Supreme Court. We definitely do not need more Scalia/Alito...... types, the court can be a hindrance to common sense, just see how the corporation decision allowing them to be treated as people is such a negative idea and then in this session the Citizens United ----more of that we definitely do not need.

Who do you think might be on the short list for appointment? Senator Lugar? Hillary Clinton?  or  someone outside the political realm with a history of serving in the justice system as the catapult to consideration?

When did we last have a justice with enough knowledge of how decisions affect the political climate? I thought perhaps the Chief's siding favorably on the ACA decision reflects a gain in that arena of thought at last.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

ENOUGH already.....

SOTU revisited, revisited, revisited, ad infinitum...........a result of the 24/7 media  and lately it has me sickened. Perhaps I just need to use that OFF button on the remote and listen to music while I read some excellent fiction and non-fiction that offers a personal selection for variety pleasing. And I do read a lot. And I like classical music, jazz and have a collection of tapes that I still use that I picked up in my international travels that offer ethnic music not often aired here. I especially like the male choir recordings from Galicia called the miner's chorus.  Part of the reason I think is that being a geriatric senior widowed female it makes up for the loss of hearing male voice ranges unless playing music, other than the male members of the media, newscasters and other performers I mean.

  1. And maybe this is also why I love listening to our President. But today, the day after the speech, there is just too much dissecting and critique happening.  Maybe because the media realizes this is their last chance to tear Obama apart since it is a second term SOTU and there won't be another by him. Sigh.
Because life  is now so complex, of course there are many subjects for a President to cover, unlike back in Eisenhower or Roosevelt days.  So there is much criticism of that, calling it a Christmas list instead of realizing what it really is, is comprehensive.  The venom from the degraded Republican party  is palpable.......they will be more obstructive this term than last IMO. I do not blame President Obama for taking it to the road and the people. Who wants to live in that poisonous political atmosphere of Congress?